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MSI into EXE Setup Converter Turn msi into exe installer from the software msi2exe setup wizard free download installer. MSI2EXE compiler tool build exe installation package from Windows installer MSI format with fully customized GUI interface easily. MSI2EXE converting software make executable (.exe) files from Microsoft installer (.MSI) files format.exe create with desired icon on the desired location on the system. Download free EXE installer setup convertor program to turn, create, generate and maintain the originality of MSI package even after the conversion

OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0: Automate application database deployment or add it into your installer.
OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0

Installer is a powerful and user-friendly application database deployment and support tool developed by OTK Web Solutions. It is a customizable executable program (.EXE) that allows developers to incorporate incredible application database deployment features into their application installer without any coding effort. It can be added into any application installers that supports executable program as a Custom Action, such as Windows Installer. For

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WiXAware for Windows Installer XML 2.0: Software Installer for building Windows Installer setups using Microsoft WiX
WiXAware for Windows Installer XML 2.0

InstallAware is first to market with an IDE targeting Microsoft`s open source WiX platform. WiX is used internally by Microsoft teams to build world-class installers such as Microsoft Office. Until today, WiX remained hard to use, as it did not provide a GUI but only command line tools. Now with the new WiXAware IDE by InstallAware, you too can use the same technology that Microsoft teams internally use to build software installers.

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Windows Setup Installer Maker Setup maker tool combines all program files into single self extracting exe file
Windows Setup Installer Maker

installer maker software instantly creates comprehensive executable installer package while maintaining the originality of your software program. Setup generator application provides an effective way for developing minimum size as well as specialized looking executable setup installer of any software files that takes less memory space and turnaround time throughout installation process. Setup creator tool allows the developer to choose customization

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Setup Creator Software Setup creator software generate install uninstall integrated installer package
Setup Creator Software

installer maker utility comes with new and more interactive GUI interface and easily runs under all versions of windows operating system such as windows XP, 2003 server, 2000 and vista. Program provides an effective way for developing minimum size as well as professional looking .exe setup installer of any software files that takes less memory space and time throughout installation process. Installer builder application is capable to generate both

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Ghost Installer Studio 4.8.1: Full featured application deployment solution.
Ghost Installer Studio 4.8.1

Installer is full featured deployment solution with extremely friendly and powerful user interface, compact installer core and unique setup customization features. Ghost Installer is compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 and has tons of advanced features: - Wide variety of project wizards to make deployment easier - Simple and powerful gDesigner IDE - Installing of .NET runtime, applications, assemblies and Visual Studio components - Ability

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InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer 16: Create Installation Wizard Based MSI Setups with Easy MSIcode Scripting
InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer 16

InstallAware creates installation wizard based Windows Installer MSI setups with easy MSIcode scripting. Instead of populating MSI databases to build your setup, or being stuck with the limitations of visual designers, use the intuitive MSIcode scripting environment to build your MSI installers. InstallAware will automatically convert your conditionally flowing MSIcode script into a legal Windows Installer MSI database at build time.

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